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Permanent makeup is the application of implanting pigment into the skin by to give illusion of lovely eyebrows, eyeliner and or lips. Permanent Makeup is perfect for anybody who wants to wakeup with makeup around the clock.  It is an enhancement of your eyes, lips or eyebrows. 

  • Shortening your daily makeup regimen

  • Sparse, thinning or over-tweezed eyebrows

  • Pale lips or fading lip lines

  • Contact lens wearers

  • Physically active people

  • Undefined lash lines

  • Improving appearance of wrinkles

  • Reducing visibility of scarring

  • People with alopecia or vitiligo

  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy

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Permanent Eyeliner is the easiest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Eyeliner can give you beautiful, full, sexy line that are practically maintenance free. Subtle & natural or smoldering & dramatic effects can be achieved. Your perfect look & smudge proof all night long.

Lash Line Enhancement-Give you a natural enhancement & sexy eyeliner tailored exactly to your specifications.

Defined Eyeliners-This eye lining technique will simply make your lashes appear thicker and darker.


Blush Lip

Beautiful lips can be created by adding natural color where needed, allowing to achieve instant fullness and definition. Subtle corrections can be made to thin, uneven or asymmetrical lips 
Blush Lips is the perfect option for individuals who just want the appearance of natural lip color. Combine application of permanent lip liner and lip pigments can improve lip definition, symmetry, shape, and color.

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 Microblading is a semi-permanent hair stroke technique. This service is performed manually using a hand pressure technique that deposits pigment into the epidermis (top layer) of the skin which creates the hair stroke/feathering look. This procedure takes about 2-3 hours and have a wide variety of colour pigments to pick from.

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Powder Eyebrow

Powder Brows create a fuller brow while providing a soft texture. Using only state-of-the-art technology, the powder technique mimics the appearance of conventional brow makeup pencil.

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